Snapshots of the Farm Life

January 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

I love living in the country. Just love it. There’s fresh food, lots of room for the kids to run and burn energy and knock themselves out, sometimes literally, pretty scenery, and, well… the kind of peace and quiet that is rare and special in our day and age. But since a picture is worth a thousand words (or, in this case, a thousand pictures), I want to show you a few of the things I love about country life:

I love our wood stove. This here heats the entire house.

I love stacking wood, kids permitting.

A perfect job for people with controlling personalities.

And I am really good at it. Don’t you think?

But it does this to my gloves.

Inspired by "Little House in the Big Woods," which is strikingly similar to our lifestyle.

I love maple snow taffy. Isn’t this simply beautiful? (Done by boiling maple syrup to the soft ball stage and pouring in a thin stream into a pan full of snow – add several drops of cream to the syrup when it’s about to go town – this will tame it).

You can catch trout. That is, I can’t, but my new brother-in-law can.

And I love trout caviar. The eggs must be separated from the membrane that holds them together one by one, without you popping them. I am good that. It’s in my blood, you know, what with being from the world’s caviar Mecca and all.

Did you see how delectably pink it is? This is not your farm-raised trout.

A deer carcass in a tree – the best natural bird feeder ever. And the birds know it.

There are lots of opportunities to put small children to work.

Someday my buck will come...

There are throphy bucks to be spotted in one’s backyard. DID YOU SEE THE RACK ON THAT BEAST?

There are hot dates.

There are endless picnic opportunities right outside your front door.

Countless tomatoes to be canned…

…pickles to be made.

Plenty of room to raise your meat chickens.

…fresh morels and asparagus to be picked to make into a delicious pasta sauce (I don’t usually hunt morels, but they find their way to me somehow anyway).

And there are pretty lilies-of-the-valley to perfume your house with their strong aroma in May.

…cherry blossoms…

Somewhere over the rainbow is right here, in my front yard.

There’s the trill of the first bluebird of the year – before the grass had even a chance to turn green.

Baby Cyrus was mere hours away from arriving when this picture was being taken.

There are maple trees to be tapped for their delicious sap right on that border of winter and spring. In season, we drink it by the gallon.

And how about the pretty sunflowers…

…and fresh berries…

For a while, the strawberries can seem endless.

And I love making one or two fat, beautiful lilac bouquets when my bushes are in bloom.

And how the heart rejoices at the sight of the first robin! There’ll be here in no time!

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