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February 22, 2010 § 4 Comments

These here, my dears, are muscles. Whole individual muscles from the hind leg of a deer – a fat November doe, shot by Jacob out of a tree stand at sunset just for me. The ability to bring home animal protein, to me, is the measure of a man. Jacob bags at least one every year.

What next? The possibilities abound, but I am feeling up to some charcuterie experiments.

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§ 4 Responses to My Canvas

  • leaannbrown says:

    I had to stop by and take a look. I saw your post on phoo-d about birdwatching. We’ve been avid birdwatchers for years and it sounds like you’re on your way to being hooked. It’s a wonderful, entertaining, and humbling hobby. We’re just a couple months away from all of the wonders of migration. I’m subscribing to your blog and look forward to your food and nature adventures.

    • Sofya says:

      Only… I am not on my way to being hooked. I’ve been hooked for some time, and I am actually becoming somewhat advanced in both visual and auditory identification. At least I’d like to think so :). To me it’s such an amazing experience – it’s like going to a concert of sorts. I am never bored when I am outside [on my farm or in the woods]. I love it. I am wild and crazy about it. I too can’t wait for the migration. But it’s really the first robins that do it for me. By the way, I am sure you are aware how different individual robins sound from each other… that’s my favorite part of the robin experience. I’ve been reading this book, “The Singing Life of Birds”, it’s amazing.

      I am glad that this connection brought you over here! I hope you’ll stay for a bit and explore and find something useful…

  • We cooked up some elk steak last night and served it rare with a drizzle of blended fresh oregano, parsley, garlic and extra virgin olive oil (and salt and pepper). It was good, but the meat, in spite of being rare, was tougher than the last steaks we cooked. It must have been the cut. We’ll stay tuned to see what you do with those beautiful pieces of venison. Charcuterie? We’re standing by for your report.

    Steve & Jason

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