Introducing Story-Telling Sundays: Coming Soon to a Computer Near You

February 26, 2010 § 2 Comments

You wouldn’t have a way of knowing this, but the entire reason for my starting this blog was to try my hand at memoir writing, and I am not at all sure how I came to channel most of my creative energy into a food blog instead. Don’t get me wrong – that part of it has been a blast, and I treasure each and every one of your visits and comments. It also had a wonderful effect on my cooking – I am cooking more and I am cooking more interesting things than before (at least by comparison with my usual fare). I am particularly enjoying the opportunity to chat endlessly with others about food without having to bundle up my kids and take them places (the very thought of it makes me tired!) by car.

Anyhow – while I am in no way assuming that my life story is worthy of your attention, I take a certain degree of pleasure (and, indeed, it is something that comes easy to me) in writing, and, in particular, writing about my experiences, especially the ones that involve obscure exotic locales, well-read men with a counter-cultural streak, nature, and, of course, food. What can I say… I love to write. Чукча-писатель. And I want to share it with others.

I didn’t know where to start however, and a memoir of any kind would need a distinct focus. I felt like I needed to have a place where I could have a discourse about this potential project, and Jacob suggested that I start a blog and throw my memories out there in the form of vignettes, not necessarily immediately connected with each other, and go from there. I feel like it would be a good discipline for me to try to do so on the regular basis, and for that reason a regular feature like that on this blog would be a good start.

If you do find yourselves bored, by all means, feel free to check out more interesting parts of this site or more exciting sites altogether, of which there is no shortage. Now this memoir-exercise project is mostly about seeking feedback, so please, do consider leaving a comment whenever relevant.

So, while you are getting excited (or not) about having a more intimate look into both the early and the inner life of this person you thought you knew (or, in the case of the online guests, just began to get to know), I am going to try very hard to figure out what to write about first.

§ 2 Responses to Introducing Story-Telling Sundays: Coming Soon to a Computer Near You

  • Mel says:

    Don’t by shy Sofya! I think you underestimate how interesting your past is. You must have so many memories, which may seem mundane to you because you lived them, but will feel so exotic and exciting to us. I love how you mix stories of your culture and bits of your past life in with your cooking and recipes. It really gives us a feel of who you are! Some of my favourite memoirs are told through food stories. I know in my life certain foods bring back a flood of memories from my past life. I’ll definitely be reading!

  • Sofya says:

    Thanks Mel! Well, I’ll definitely be writing!

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