Old World Tuesday: The Eggs Have Eyes

March 16, 2010 § 2 Comments

Because it’s Tuesday, and because my eggs have been piling up with the increased daylight hours, I remembered that back in the Old Country, the simple sunny side up eggs (or “fried eggs with eyes,” as they are called in Russian) were rarely a breakfast item but rather a super quick lunch or supper, which is what happened here today. Keep in mind that this dish was made particularly special by the fact that back there and then eggs were so expensive that we couldn’t afford more than five at a time – forget buying entire dozens (I’ll tell you some more hunger stories sometime).

No such problem here, is there? The availability of eggs in my life has reached some twisted equilibrium.

(If you want to take some off my hands, give a holler.)

Anyhow, my family’s tradition included eating them directly out of a skillet. So if you are dining alone, don’t have any time to cook, are an eleven-year-old at home by yourself, or if your egg supply is going through the roof, consider this as a quick lunch fix. It’s wonderfully filling, and personally all I need to go with it is bread.

Melt some butter until slightly sizzling and aromatic but before it turns brown.

Break your eggs into the skillet. Sprinkle them with salt,

I didn't make all five for me, I shared them with the kids, in case you were wondering. Not that I haven't in the past though.

and cook them over medium heat, turning to low after a while, until done but before the bottom has the chance to brown. “Tender” is the key word here.

Now to eating – this is a dunking-heavy dish. As I said above, I recommend eating it directly out of the skillet if you are alone, by dipping the bread in the yolk, and eating everything else with a fork.

Now this is my favorite point. I love when this is left behind… To me this looks especially delectable in the skillet. And the skillet walls come in helpful when chasing after these slippery suckers with a piece of bread.

I did not just teach you how to fry an egg, did I? But hey, in the world where Cook’s Illustrated can show you how to crack one, it’s a step up!

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