Frequently Asked Questions

March 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

From the start of this blog, people have repeatedly asked the following questions:

Where do you find the time? (Referring to the fact that I have tiny children tangled in my feet, sometimes literally).

Do you REALLY cook this much?

Does anyone else take pictures as you cook, or do you handle your camera with the dirty, nasty fingers?

Do you have live-in help now?

And this, from Jacob:

It’s weird to see your supper on the internet.

Let me just answer those for you:

1)I seem to have no trouble making time for this. For one, I have to cook supper most days of the week anyway, though I frequently find myself stopping a rapidly approaching walker in its track with my foot without interrupting whatever chopping or mincing or rolling or whisking my hands might be doing at the time. I then just shoot as I prepare it. It really doesn’t take that long to snap the pictures, especially as I’ve figure out where the best light is in my kitchen and what time of day and so forth. I then edit the pics and blog in the evening, when the kids are in bed. I use Google’s Picasa to quickly upload my high-resolution pictures. Though I should really be storing them on Flickr for the reason of Picasa’s instability. I think that’s my next project.

2)No, I don’t really cook this much. I cook much more than this. Otherwise what would there be to eat? I grew up eating food made from scratch, for reasons both cultural and economical, and I think it’s a valuable tradition to uphold. Here’s the thing though – since I started the blog, my cooking repertoire has grown dramatically, and so did my skill. For instance, I used to be afraid of making desserts. But not anymore.

3)I take all the pictures myself at all times. This includes action shots. I love action shots, by the way – pouring with one hand while shooting with the other. The thicker substances, such as cream and maple syrup, are naturally easier to photograph elegantly. I don’t have a tripod, since I don’t really feel the need for one.

Regarding the nastiness of my hands and the delicate nature of the camera: I wash my hands in between shots, if I need to. I don’t mind.

I’ve been known to take 50+ photos per dish, though they obviously don’t all make it into the post.

I use a Panasonic Lumix point-and-shoot camera my father-in-law bought me two years ago for Christmas after I had my first child and felt the need to document her progress for posterity. It turned out to be a wonderful tool – I think I squeeze a lot of good action out of it when the light is right. I am very happy with it.

I recently learned how to do a little bit of photo editing, too, which proved especially useful for re-touching stains on my kitchen wall.

4)You could say that I have live-in help because my amazing, wonderful husband helps out by doing a lot of dinner dishes.

So that’s the story.

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