Paradise Found Strawberry Milkshake

June 22, 2010 § 9 Comments

Because it’s summer, and the strawberry season is upon us, it’s awfully nice to cool off with a rich, filling, extravagant strawberry or raspberry milkshake. Without further ado, let me show you how I make mine. Expect to get uncomfortable. Just kidding! Expect to get very, very comfortable. Too comfortable to go back to work or other pressing obligations.


Start with some garden-fresh strawberries or raspberries. They must be in season for full satisfaction… although frozen ones work equally well. I’ve even been known to freeze my berries to this very end. Quite frankly, you can also use any kind of fruit syrup or preserves for this as well.


Add a generous amount of ice-cream on top. Many, many scoops. This here is my mother’s-in-law beautiful homemade ice-cream, made with her own farm-fresh cream. See how yellow it is? That’s because the cows were out on grass and so were the egg layers. But if you don’t have a herd of Jerseys outside your front door, this is equally good with some high-quality storebotten organic ice-cream. My favorite brand is Alden’s.


Because the berries here up nord are rather tart, and because this particular batch of ice-cream was not overwhelmingly sweet, this needed two generous, heaping tablespoons of sugar. In general, I always add a little sugar to my shakes to balance out the berries. Or are they smoothies? I don’t know.

As you can see, I also add 1 raw egg to my shakes for extra richness. Because, you see, they weren’t rich enough.

Note that I am comfortable having my own farm-fresh eggs in raw form (in fact, when I was little, I loved drinking raw eggs straight out of a shell), but if you are limited to the storebotten kind and are pregnant or otherwise immunocompromised in any way, you might want to skip it.


Now pour in a bit of milk – not too much – I like my shakes rather thick, so milk is really only there to make it all blendable. Use your judgment here.

Isn’t it wonderfully sunny outside today? And yes, it is a plastic toy gun on the background. I say, start ’em early!


Now blend everything in a blender and here you go! This could be thicker, but the ice-cream melted a bit in the process of my taking 40 pictures of this simple operation.

I can’t believe I actually made an attempt at styling. Food styling is so bourgeois – I can’t take it seriously, and it shows.

§ 9 Responses to Paradise Found Strawberry Milkshake

  • Tes says:

    Agree… food styling is so bourgeois! The strawberry smoothies, on the other hand, truely works everytime!

  • Kate says:

    Sofya, this is absolutely positively a shake, and not a smoothie. Smoothies are like California health foodie yogurt protein fruit and maybe if you are extravagant honey concoctions. I know this because my husband makes them regularly before he goes to work out. These on the the other hand contain raw eggs, milk, sugar, and ice cream. Good lord, woman. I was expecting you to find a way to include butter in them.

  • Kate says:

    Yes, now that is an appropriate and extravagant name for them. They sound wonderful.

  • SMITH BITES says:

    Oh Sofya ~ you truly, truly brighten my day!!! And I’m happy that we don’t live close or I swear to the good Lord above, I’d weigh 300 lbs instead of the ‘more-than-I-should’ now!! Great recipe!!

    • Sofya says:

      Well, we don’t have these every day either! They are like a rich dessert – 1 or 2 per each fruit season. Wait… am I lying to myself?

  • sasa says:

    Ahahaha, “food styling is so bourgeois” love it. Found you through Smith Bites’ #FF, glad I did ^_^v

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