The Non-Cooking Things I Love

August 2, 2010 § 2 Comments

Do you have a list of favorite things? Little (or big) tools that make your life easier every day? Or even every other day? Or once a month? Or once a hunting season? Well, I do, and here is mine:

Marth Wood Shavings – they transform what would have been a pool of chicken poop into a cozy, dry haven. Their ability to absorb moisture and odor is unparalleled. They make my life complete. (These could, of course, be any other wood shavings).

Muck Edgewater Boots – they are perfect – comfortable at the bottom, soft and pliable (yet waterproof) at the top. This particular model is insulated and the sole has a bit of thread to it. I used these boots to wade into a creek, to walk (read “sink”) in freshly plowed fields after the rain while turkey hunting, and, most importantly, I wear them just about every day on the farm. They get a little sweaty in summertime, but are great for cooler seasons. I am pleased to say that in all of the above instances, my feet remained dry and soreness-free. And in the unfortunate even that, God forbid, you should slip on a cow pie, these babies will help you retain the last of your dignity. It happens! That’s when the thread comes in handy, too.

Smartwool Socks – all the warmth of wool with all the softness of artificial fabrics – these fabulous, breathable socks are indispensable in Wisconsin winters. Hate winter? Try Smartwool. Enough said. (Want more tips for dealing with winter? Check out my handy guide to winter dressing.)

Shooter’s Friend Recoil Pad – I love it for the use with a 20-gauge shotgun, and even for target practice with a .30-30, my primary weapon. These things are also known as “sissy pads,” and it is a well-known fact that, when it comes to recoil, I am a sissy. But I look at it this way: why get banged in the shoulder when you don’t have to?

Berne’s Ladies’ Sherpa-Lined Jacket – it’s a little heavy, as work jackets go, but it’s very warm and I love the tough outer layer – very nice for going through the woods or handling hay and firewood. It’s my go-to hunting jacket, and I love it. And it’s half the price of Carhartt while actually being warmer. And, did you notice? It’s the height of fashion. I am famous for my fashion sense, you know. I’m telling ya, Tractor Supply is a treasure trove for that sort of thing.

Water-Proof Hot Seat – I can’t hunt without one, no sir. In fact, the lover of comfort that I am, I wouldn’t normally last out there for very long, but give me one of these, and I can stay motionless for hours waiting in ambush for that trophy buck (or doe). I love the names the manufacturers slap on them, too – like “Twin Cheeks,” for instance. Rest assured that my hunting success is not based on my outstanding marksmanship, unparalleled patience, or extraordinary luck – it’s the “Twin Cheeks.” And now Jacob wants it (them?) too.

Do you have things you can’t live without, Gentle Reader? Feel free to share.

Note: All links are used for illustrative purposes only.

§ 2 Responses to The Non-Cooking Things I Love

  • SMITH BITES says:

    Well Sofya, I don’t have ANY of your list above but did chuckle at the ‘twin cheeks’ name!! As for things I can’t live without, would have to be The Professor – yes a sappy answer, but true nonetheless! Any ‘things’ I might own, can come or go, but The Professor is the most valuable. Have missed you bunches – and am happy that your husband is back home safe & sound! I’m wondering what you’ve been baking/cooking these days?? Getting up the nerve to try your rough puff pastry!

    • Sofya says:

      Hey Debra. I see what you are saying (about your husband)!

      I haven’t cooked much since Jacob came home (that was on Friday) – on Saturday he cooked, on Sunday we didn’t cook, on Monday he had a meeting so we didn’t cook again, and today we had supper at his uncle’s house. No cooking! But my brother-in-law was commenting on the fact that I haven’t been updating while we were there. That made me think of you.

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