Where Paradise Lay

September 7, 2010 § 6 Comments

When I first decided to move to the country, before I actually met my farm-raised husband who was able to make this dream a reality, people often asked me why on earth would I want such a thing. And here is why:

final version for the blog

Why? What else is there in the world to want?

The above photo is of my father’s-in-law beautiful farm, and it can also tell you why he loves the country. You see, Vince loves the land – he loves its shapes, its colors, its forms. He loves to work it, without a doubt, but there’s a great aesthetic aspect to his love of this life as well. Vince, you see, is an artist at heart, and his land is his canvas. Planting fields, grazing livestock, managing the forest – it’s all about creating the beautiful and the true (and his camera-and-lens combo is not half-bad, either).

When I first arrived in this area on a warm, starry night in May of 2003, it was Vince who welcomed me to his farm. At the time, my then-boyfriend Jacob was still in Europe, graduating from the college we both attended, and his mom, sister, and one of his younger brothers went there for the graduation as well. From all the things Vince and I did together that week before the others got back, I remember most distinctly singing Dona Nobis Pachem together in an empty silo between this chore and another. The silo’s great height and concrete walls provided for some incredible acoustics – it was almost like you were in an ancient stone cathedral.

Anyway, there’s a great poetic angle to the things my father-in-law does, and I think the above picture conveys that very well. I don’t tell him that very often, but I love him very much.

In the photo: St. Brigid’s Meadows, my father’s-in-law dairy farm near La Crosse, Wisconsin. Photo by Vince Hundt, as photoshopped by moi. But I say it ain’t cheating. It’s art.


Since I wrote this post, I received the following response from my father-in-law, and decided to share it with you. You think I should have asked him first? Anyhow, my re-posting it here serves two purposes:

1)To provide a deeper, from-the-outside insight into my persona, the endlessly-fascinating subject of this blog. Right? Right?

2)To provide further insight into local sensibilities.

What I will always remember of your arrival on Poplar Coulee Ridge:

We got out of the car after I parked it next to the house. I got your bag(?) and we walked onto the front porch.

There was a very big bright moon that night and no man-made lights

We stopped to look at the farm moonscape and I said (I am pretty close to correct  here):

“Well Sophia, this is home.” [Note by Sofya: Yes, I think I remember him saying that too.]

It was a stunningly beautiful, serene, peaceful, quiet moment…………..and you started to cry. And you said, ” I am sorry, It is so beautiful………..”

I put my arms around you as a way of offering comfort.

And I thought, to myself, ” She might be here for a long long time………..what a gift God has brought us.”

PS: I bought 2 guns yesterday…one is perfect for you.

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