The Great Potato Harvest of 2010

October 16, 2010 § 4 Comments

Every year we grow nearly all of our own potatoes:

P1150145 (3)

The three kinds we prefer are reds…


…russets, and Yukon Golds.

Basically, this means that the only time we buy potatoes in a store is somewhere in the summer, just to tide us over until the next harvest. Our potatoes are certified organtic, and they taste very, very good. The end!

§ 4 Responses to The Great Potato Harvest of 2010

  • Irina says:

    We are renting a small plot of land this year in somebody’s back yard, and we planted six red potatoes and six Yukon Golds. I wish we had more room and could plant more – they were delicious! The Yukon Golds are gone already; we do still have some red potatoes. It was the first time I grew potatoes and I was surprised how one plant can produce both giant potatoes and extremely tiny potatoes at the same time. Maybe the tiny ones would have eventually matured into large ones, but the soil was getting really soggy with all the rains, and the plants were starting to wilt, plus there were signs of gophers around, so I decided not to wait any longer and dug them up.

  • Anna says:

    I think Yukon Gold potatoes are my favorite. So glad I found them. Love to make them into mashed potatoes and I don’t need nearly so much butter or cream; I actually just use chicken stock or drippings from the roasted chicken. They still come out fluffy and creamy and delicious. How much land do you need to get enough potatoes for the winter, if you eat them once a week, let’s say? Would growing potatoes in pots (on a balcony) work?

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