Farida’s Kelekosh: Azerbaijani Yogurt Soup #2

March 26, 2010 § 2 Comments

Yogurt dishes are my life. You couldn’t have not noticed that. So whenever I come across a new yogurt recipe, a soup recipe in particular, I feel like I have to try it at least once. And since I recently bookmarked the recipe for this new yogurt soup (called kelekosh) from the fabulous AZ Cookbook blog, I decided to try it today. I loved the idea of paring yogurt with mint (I used dried spearmint because that’s what the food co-op in town had) – a flavor combination certainly familiar, if long-forgotten. It was a very nostalgic meal.

I ended up modifying the recipe slightly, omitting the walnuts (since I didn’t have any), and adding extra freshly pressed garlic to the soup in the last 5 min of cooking. I also decided to make it thicker by adding an extra shot of 2 T of flour dissolved in a small amount of cold water halfway through the cooking. I thought that was perfect, although in the future I will try to impart this extra creaminess to the soup by increasing the amount of rice instead of adding extra flour. I just like what rice does for creaminess.

If you do decide to make it, I found that the 20 min specified in the recipe were not sufficient to properly cook the rice in my case, and so I just did this – brought the soup to a simmer over medium-high heat, and then simmered it on medium for the additional 15 min, stirring frequently, but not non-stop, for the entire duration of the process. And then the rice was cooked.

Unlike dovga, which I prefer cold, I think kelekosh tastes best hot, but that’s just me. Do check it out.

Thank you, Farida, for the wonderful new recipe!

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